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Module D, FE-D & PC TAX

Mr. Mike Li

Mr. Mike Li has been working in Inland Revenue Department and various Big Four firms in Hong Kong since graduation from Hong Kong Polytechnic. He was a prize winner of ACCA auditing and taxation papers, and specialized in taxation areas giving solutions to his students and clients. He started working full-time in education field since 2000 and worked for HKICPA as Education Director in 2006. He is the founder and Principal for HKCA responsible for accountancy training for the professional qualifications of QP and ACCA. Mike obtained Master degree in Accounting & Finance from the London School of Economics and is now an Australia Chartered Accountant, a fellow member of HKICPA, ACCA (UK) and an Associate member of the Hong Kong Taxation Institute and a Certified Tax Advisor. Mike has taught taxation and management classes in Hong Kong and Mainland China for more than 10 years. Due to his effective teaching methods and his devoted effort, many of his students had become prize-winners and top affiliates.

Module C, FE-C & PC B.A.

Mr. Jacky Li

Mr. Jacky Li is a member of the HKICPA. He started his career as an auditor in one of the "Big Four" firms and has gained solid practical audit experience from working in both the firm's audit and technical department for over six years. During this period, Jacky has developed his interest in training and education, he has extensive training experience in designing programs on core audit subjects for professional staff across Hong Kong and PRC with specific focus on internship and fresh graduate audit training program. After "Big Four", Jacky continues to accumulate his experience from sizable MNCs listed in HK, US and UK. Jacky has also worked for the HKICPA as a Workshop Facilitator. Jacky obtained his Master degree with Distinction in Corporate Governance and Directorship and was the Scholastic Award winner (highest cumulative GPA) of his class. During the same year, Jacky has also completed the pilot run Financial Controllership Program organized by the HKICPA and was one of the prize winners.

Module B & FE-B

Mr. Anson Yu

Anson has obtained qualified experience in one of the "Big Four" firms in Hong Kong since graduation from Hong Kong Polytechnic. Currently, Anson serves as a Unit Manager at an insurance company and he was a prize winner of SCMP / IFPHK Financial Planner Awards 2015. Anson is a member of the HKICPA providing assurance and accounting services to his portfolio of clients. Anson has taught QP classes in Hong Kong for more than 5 years. Due to his effective teaching methods and his devoted effort, many of his students passed all of their CPA exams in the first attempt.

Module B & FE-B

Mr. Ken Wong

FCCA, MAF(Australia)
Mr. Ken Wong has been working in financial management area for more than 13 years and has specialized in Corporate Finance & Treasury Management. He got his Master degree in Applied Finance from the University of Melbourne, Australia and first degree in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has started his part-time teachings in MBA in Corporate Finance, MSC in Finance & BBA in Portfolio Management & Risk Management for different UK Universities in Hong Kong, since 2001. His practical teaching has got a lot of compliments from many students before and has lead them to a good result in the exams with more-insight practical knowledge.

Module A & FE-A

Ms. Fanny Lam

Ms. Fanny Lam is a member of HKICPA. She worked for KPMG Hong Kong and Grant Thornton London after her graduation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Not only specialized in auditing clients' financial statements and assessing the appropriateness of using different accounting standards, she now works in a MNC company mainly focusing on bridging the Group financials from IFRS to US GAAP reporting, completing due diligence process for financing activities and implementing various internal control processes. Fanny has her own methods in teaching QP students passing their exams, and aims helping students passing QP exams in the first attempt.

PC Law

Mr. Anthony Lo

BA (Econ), MA (Arb & ADR)
Mr. Lo had worked as a currency and commodity trader in the banking sector for 10 years before switched to practicing as a Barrister in 1998. The scope of Mr. Lo's legal practice includes rendering advice for both contentious and non-contentious matters as well as conducting litigations and court proceedings of other nature. Mr. Lo has been teaching in various different occasions including PC Laws Course. Currently, Mr. Lo is also the lecturer of Finance and Banking Laws of a LLM Program jointly offered by Greenwich University (UK) and the Hong Kong Management Association.

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