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Module 14 , PC Taxation , M14 , M9, Capstone

Mike Li

Principal of HKCA
Many years of teaching HKICPA QP Final Exam, PC-Tax, New QP Module 14 and ACCA APM, ATX, TX and SBL in HK and Mainland China
Specialize in Taxation and giving advice on tax planning to clients
Experience as Education and Training Director for HKICPA
Worked before in Inland Revenue Department and various Big 4 CPA firms
Prize winner of the ACCA Auditing and Taxation papers
Have trained many students who became ACCA/QP prize winners

Module 13 , PC BA , M13 , M6 , M8, Capstone

Jacky Li

Teaching HKICPA QP Final Exam, PC-BA and New QP Module 13 at HKCA
Experience as QP Module Workshop Facilitator for HKICPA
Worked as Audit Manager in Big 4 CPA firms with many years solid audit experience
Prize winner of the Financial Controllership Program organized by HKICPA

Module 12 , M7 , M12 , Capstone

Daniel Ho

MBA, B.Comm
Teaching HKICPA QP Final Exam and New QP Module 12 at HKCA and lecturing Finance modules, such as Securities Analysis, Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Fixed Income Investment
Lecturing in many countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.
He is known for simplicity and clarity in his teaching; students found his teaching extremely easy to follow even with practically-minimal knowledge and are able to attempt the examination with full confident

Module 11 , M11 , Capstone

Fanny Lam

Teaching HKICPA QP Final Exam and New QP Module 11 at HKCA
Works in a MNC company to lead and support different finance projects
Worked before for KPMG Hong Kong and Grant Thornton London after graduation
Has her own ways to help students pass the QP exams in the first attempt

Module 12 , M12

Anson Yu

Teaching HKICPA QP Final Exam, New QP Module 12 in HK for many years
Obtained qualified experience in one of the ¡°Big Four¡± firms after graduation
Prize winner of SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards

Module 10 , PC LAW , M10

Anthony Lo

MA (Arb. & ADR), BA (Econ)
Practicing as a Barrister since 1998 and rendering advice to his clients for both contentious and non-contentious matters as well as conducting litigations and court proceedings of other nature
Many years of teaching in various occasions including HKICPA PC Law and Finance and Banking Laws of a LLM Programme jointly offered by Greenwich University (UL) and the Hong Kong Management Association

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