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(Course Duration: JUL to SEP./DEC. Exam dates. Early study is available.)

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  • ACCA

Paper Lecturer Full Course in SEP/DEC. 2021 diet:
9 ONLINE+3 LIVE ZOOM lectures
(LW) Mr. Ji Yuan  $4,680
(PM) Mr. Ken Wong  $4,680
(TX) Mr. Mike Li $4,680
(FR) Mr. K.W. Chow $4,680
(AA) Mr. Tony Ng $4,680
(FM) Mr. Ken Wong $4,680
Paper Lecturer Full Course Revision SEP. 2021 diet: DEC. 2021 diet:
(16 to 17 lectures) (27 Hours)
(SBL) Mr. Ken Wong $7,980 $5,480
(SBR) Mr. K.W. Chow $7,980 $5,480
(APM) Mr.Ken Wong $7,980 $5,480
(AFM) Mr. Daniel Ho $8,280 $5,480
(ATX) Mr. Mike Li $8,280 $5,480
(AAA) Mr. Tony Ng $8,280 $5,480

It is included in courses;

"Practice "Hot Topics List / Mocks" Package: Please tick: Paper "
$2000 for Strategic Professional Papers *$2000 for Applied Skills Papers
(*Available for separate purchase)
(*Provide 3 sets practice Q&A papers; * Marking service with comments)

Success Package

$2000 for Applied Skills or Strategic Professional Papers to get the Entitlement (attend ONCE again the enrolled paper)


#Subsidy is applicable to as follows:

Subsidies on or before 2021-7-2 2021-8-2 2021-9-30
Early Bird $400 $300 $200
Enrol any 2 papers  $300
HKCA STUDENT      $300  
Membership Referral $200  


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2. Course includes HKCA Learning Materials. Students must bring all relevant course materials to class. No extra copies will be available.
3. No refund for any transfer, deferral or withdrawal will be given after the commencement of the course. Any transfer, deferral or withdrawal of courses will be subject to an administrative charge of $2,000 per course and the transfer will be reviewed on a case by case basis. HKCA has the final right for determining the application.
4. Student is required to check the box [YES ( )] as agree or [NO ( )] as not agree, to provide ACCA registration number and date of birth for the Result Service for ACCA and will allow HKCA to receive the student's exam result exam results.
5. It is the full responsibility of the student to comply with any visa requirements.
6. The courses will not qualify candidates for eligibility to take the exams or the award of ACCA/ OBU; nor will they be recognized as fulfillment of condition for such award.
7. HKCA reserves the right to vary, cancel or change any session or lecturer if the circumstances so require.
8. "Subsidies" apply once only.
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